5 Great Tips to Go Green this Spring!

The Abramson Team has 5 Great Tips to Go Green this Spring!

Revamping our homes to make them more eco-friendly is often easier than we may initially think. With spring cleaning upon us, now is the perfect time to take a look at these five tips from the Abramson realty team that will help to make your home more ecologically sound and efficient. When considering making some of these forward-thinking changes, be sure to remember to weigh cost savings against any initial expenses associated with the change overs. You may be surprised to learn that in no time at all, these upgrades will have paid for themselves! Additionally, as going green becomes more of the norm, rather than a trend, many of these upgrades may have a positive impact on the resale value of your home. California is always at the forefront of the adoption of environmentally sound practices, and if you follow these tips, you can be a trail blazer too!

1. LED Lightbulbs

Don’t let the upfront cost of converting to LED bulbs scare you off from making the change, the long term savings will more than make up for these costs. The lights will incur lower electricity charges, and the long life of the bulbs will lower the cost of replacement. All in all, it is a win win situation. Conversion can also take place over time, make a resolution to replace all bulbs with their LED counterparts when they burn out, and you will have a revamped lighting system in no time.


Low flow showers have grown in popularity since their introduction, especially since the cost of hot showers and baths is pretty high. Decreasing our water usage is a simple way to make an impact, and when we choose fixtures with a lower water flow, it is an easy change to make. All of us California residents are more than familiar with the possibility of drought, and how important water conservation is for the future of our planet. If you’ve already swapped out your shower head, start looking at the low water commodes as your next green purchase.


Lush, green lawns are increasingly losing their luster, especially in desert climates such as our home of Palm Springs. It’s time to embrace our natural environment and look to the desert for our landscaping inspiration. Cacti are not the only desert flourishes, and hardscrabble lawns are becoming more celebrated every season. Using run-off water in place of full-on irrigation systems is a great way to save money and will spur your creativity as you seek out plants that do not require much moisture. Shading trees can also minimize sun exposure and keep your home interior cool. Consider the money that you will save in watering costs, and feel proud of your “brown” thumb!


Any time that you are looking to make home improvements, seek out the most environmentally conscious builders and contractors in your area. Again, it may appear that green builders are much more expensive, but when you consider the long term effects to your household budget, the expense becomes much less daunting. Utilizing energy efficient windows and doors can decrease cooling costs, as can sun blocking window treatments. Sustainable materials are also a great change to consider whenever embarking on a remodeling project.


Wind and solar energy options for the home are increasing every day. As solar panels become more versatile and affordable, they become an option for more and more households. Personal wind turbines are another way to add a renewable energy source to your home. While both of these products do carry significant installation costs, the long-term energy savings will help to off-set the expense. Saving money and helping the environment are the way forward, and doing our part for Mother Nature is more within reach than ever.

No matter your budget, these upgrades to your home will make a noticeable difference, both in your household budget, as well as the efficiency of your home. These environmentally sound tips will also attract fellow conservationists in the event that you wish to sell your home, and they may also increase the resale value. The earth needs us to be more proactive in our conservatorship of its resources. Environmentally sound practices are not just the latest trend, they are absolutely vital for the future health of our planet.