Kitchen trends for 2017

Will 2017 be the year you create the kitchen of your dreams? With every new year, new trends emerge, and we’ve compiled a list of the top kitchen trends for 2017 to help turn your renovation ideas into reality. 

Backsplash and Floor Tile in Graphic Patterns and Colors
White subway tiles have been the norm for some time, but interior experts say it is time to turn to bright, bold tiles that add pizzazz to floors and backsplashes. Mix and match your tiles with complementary geometric patterns done in bold colors for a very exciting look. If you are not ready to take the plunge into bold colors, choose exciting patterns done in more muted shades in order to achieve a comfortable visual balance.

Technology Friendly
Drawers can be equipped with built-in USB ports to keep your gadgets hidden away while still being connected and powered up. Another innovation that is a huge hit is the pop-up charging unit, we just can’t believe that this didn’t become standard ages ago! We live in a very tech-centric world and as the kitchen is the hive of the home, it makes sense that tech-friendly spaces are becoming the norm.

Color for Cabinets

Most kitchen designs include a heavy helping of white or other neutral colors, such as dove grey, with a color burst from backsplash tiling. We are very excited with this year’s latest trend of utilizing color for kitchen cabinets. Unfinished woods, such as birch, make a bold visual statement and take away the overabundance of white. If you do opt for colored, or non-neutral cabinets, pair them with less bold countertops and tiles.

A Home for Fido

Built-ins in the kitchen are great space savers and examples such as spice racks and wine storage are considered must-haves. Now, consider the same perks for the family pet. What dog doesn’t want a built-in, and retractable, platform for feeding time? Having your cat or dog in the kitchen when the family is hanging out is the perfect way to spend time with your companion animals. Our favorite is the cutout nook for your pet’s animal bed so they can be cozy and snug while not missing out on family time.

Non-Uniform Countertops

Finally, interior and kitchen designers are questioning the unwritten rule that all countertops must be of uniform materials. This mindset is slowly being left behind in favor of adding a touch of originality to one of the largest spaces of the kitchen. Many homeowners are opting for a butcher block island paired with granite countertops, and the savvy design enthusiasts are taking it a step further. Try a distinct pattern difference on an adjacent counter where a complementary design or color will highlight a subtle difference that is visually interesting rather than jolting.

From Stainless Steel to Industrial Chic

Stainless steel appliances and fixtures have been done many, many times before and a new trend is now taking the steel look a step beyond stainless. Black steel is taking off in areas where cutting edge design is embraced with open arms. If you would like to expand your appliance options beyond stainless but may not be ready for the black aesthetic, try mixing in a few black steel fixtures, and look for pieces that have that industrial chic look of professional kitchens.

Make 2017 the year you create the ideal kitchen that you’ve been dreaming of. These trends can be mixed and matched, and adapted to suit your own personal tastes. Get your creative juices flowing and start creating the kitchen of your dreams today!