Life on the Golf Course: Is It the Right Move for You?

Buying a home on the golf course gives new meaning to “going green.” We are Pamla and John Abramson and we know there are pros and cons to living on the golf course. After all, we have helped a lot of clients purchase their golf course homes. We know that the right choice of location could be a dream home come true.

More importantly, we know that buying a home on a golf course can be a letdown if the buyer doesn’t think their choice through carefully. Every potential buyer should consider a number of factors before they decide that life on the golf course is the right move for them.

What Kind of Views Are There from the Home?

Many of the golf course homes that we have sold at Sun City Palm Desert include views of the golf course backed by incredible panoramic views of the mountains. Keep in mind that the views you see from outside the home may not be part of the views from inside. When you view the home, make sure to look from every angle to see if it’s just about the golf course or a lot more.

If you are more interested in having access to the golf course than in the quality of the views, a home that offers golf course only views might be a better choice. These homes may cost significantly less than those in the top locations.

How Important Is Privacy?

Living on a golf course means that there are going to be golfers, golf carts, and golf balls in your back door. If you like peace and quiet, it could be a problem for you. There is also the frequent noise from mowers and other equipment to keep the landscaping in perfect shape. Of course, if you enjoy rowdy outdoor parties, it could be the golfers who object to your disturbing the peace!

On Which Part of The Golf course is The Home Located?

If it’s the tee, golfers will probably move past the home quickly. On the other hand, if it’s a green where golfers have to make numerous attempts at putting, you can expect them to hang around a lot longer. Also, consider whether the golf cart path is close to the home. Otherwise, you may be surprised by the volume of traffic you get by your house. You should also find out if the house sits on the signature hole.

Is the Home Part of a Private Club, Public Club, or Resort?

There are a number of choices that each has its own rules. Find out what amenities are available to you and whether a membership is required. The last thing you want is to buy a house on a golf course only to find out you can’t use it!

How Much Play Does the Course Get?

It may be even more exciting to think that your new home is on one of the most popular golf courses in the state. But a golf course with a lot of play could mean that you don’t get as many opportunities to take advantage of its close proximity as you hoped.

We understand that the golf life isn’t right for everyone. But for those who are golf enthusiasts or who just enjoy watching, living on the golf course can be a little slice of heaven. If you are ready to make the move to a golf course home, you can count on our experience to find the perfect home for your needs. We are Pamla and John Abramson, The Team that Performs for You!