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Although we have never had any clients that don’t listen to our suggestions and guidance and we have never had to say “I told you so”, we have heard that there are some out there.  This months newsletter is about issues we discuss with all our clients, as does any good realtor.

Following the advice presented here can go a long way to helping someone sell their house quickly and for the greatest possible value. As always, call us with any of your real estate needs or just to chat about this article.


We told You So, and now Your Home isn’t Selling!

Advice from Your Agent that You Should’ve Listened to the First Time

The best advice tends to be ignored the first time around the track, even if it is coming from a reputable and knowledgeable source. When it comes to selling a home, your real estate agent knows the market and the types of buyers who will be coming to peruse the building, so take advantage of their knowledge base. These six issues are frequently mentioned by agents only to be ignored by homeowners who think they know better, but we’re reiterating them so that you can avoid making the same mistake twice.

1. Asking Too Much

Sentimental value has no bearing on the marketplace. Whether or not your home was built by your great-grandfather won’t have nearly as much impact on the turnaround time of the sale as listing the property at a price that is competitive with surrounding offers. You don’t have to give away the bank, but a reasonable price is the first step to finding a buyer.

2. Occupying the Space

Furniture helps give potential buyers an idea of how to use the space in your home, but you should remove as much clutter as possible. If you can manage to leave the house generally empty and unoccupied during the selling process, do so. A basement packed full of boxes or just a dining room with a few stray items can throw off the feel of the house and makes the available space seem much smaller than it could. Also, be sure to remove any potentially offensive or controversial decorations; you may love the leg lamp, but it has to go.

3. Leaving the Old Paint Job

A neon blue exterior with bright green trim might be the way you pictured your dream home, but chances are that few people feel the same way. Leave the home painted in neutral or monotone colors like white or gray to provide a clean slate for them to picture their own ideal color choices. The same goes for the interior, especially for rooms that have unique color choices or flamboyant wallpaper designs.

4. Neglecting Repairs

The broken hinges on the gate leading to the front yard may have become a hassle that you’re used to bypassing and ignoring, but minor repairs like that are incredibly detrimental to the sale. Patch up broken boards in the walls, replace missing roof shingles, make sure all the windows are in one piece, and put new bulbs in all of the light fixtures.  Don’t forget to pay attention to damage to the yard and lawn, as a giant splotch of dead grass can be as off-putting as a hole in the house itself.

5. Leaving It Bare and Boring

This problem may seem counterintuitive with number two in mind, but it is just as vital. Removing all of the upholstery and decorations from the home turns it into a bland and lifeless structure. Feel free to leave couches, chairs, tables, paintings, planters, and other objects to create an image of a home that the buyers can picture themselves occupying.

6. Not Cleaning

Finding a mess in an open house is an immediate turn-off for many buyers. Since they expect you to be putting your best foot forward to sell the property, a mess in the sink or a bit of grime in the bathroom tiles can bring into question how well the building has been cared for under your ownership. If you doubt your own ability to leave everything spick and span, consider hiring a maid service to do a thorough job.


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